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Default Vista does not turn off computer

Hi there,

I have a desktop machine, built from components and I wonder, whether my issue is related to the nVidia card or driver.

Whenever I shut down the machine, it does not turn off, instead it reboots... I also have Linux on the same machine, Linux actually does turn off the machine, this tells me the issue is Vista related.

When I googled, some other folks had the same problem and could boil it down to driver issues, but they had ATi stuff.

What do you think, can that turn off issue be related to my nVidia card?

Here some data about my system:

K7S5A Pro board, latest Bios, ACPI enabled
AMD Athlon XP 2200+
GForce 6200 from Asus, AGP4x

Vista Home Premium SP2 32Bit

Nvidia driver 32Bit latest version, 186.18
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