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Default Re: drive is 10c hotter in Vista than XP

Originally Posted by Slammin View Post
Yep, you have a virus. I guess it would be a good idea to take the reading from several different orifices, but most likely, Vista has infected you.

Dump the drives in cold water ASAP, or install Windows 7. Whatever you do, do not attempt to cool your drives more by adding more fans or more fan rpm's.

Wow, you sure it was 10c?
I have a bad sata cable, I think that's whats ****ed it up and why its hot.

The temp is now a normal 41c after pushing the plug firmly in.

The thing is that cable used to be connected to my raptor which I accidentally broke the socket on (easily done bad design) so had to use superglue on it

Theres obviously a bit of superglue on the contacts.
I have a nice sata cable somewhere with the safely clip on it but finding it ...
Meh, hot again

I'm loosing the will
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