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Default Re: Vista does not turn off computer

Originally Posted by glObalist View Post
No such service in my XP SP3.
you also have reading issues?

This is what I wrote

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
XP was suffering heavily from this, then MS released User Profile Hive Cleanup Service.

Vista/Win7 has that service by default it is named "User Profile Service" make sure it runs.
from MS

When you try to log off your computer, you cannot log off, or event messages that are logged in the Application log indicate that the user profile was not unloaded. This problem may occur if Microsoft Windows or third-party programs do not stop running when you try to log off your computer.
Not everyone will run into this, all depends what you do, and what third party apps you have installed.

Note Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 include the functionality of the automatic detection and fix tool (DPHClean) that this content contains.
Vista, Server 2k8, Win7 have this build in, but some people like to screw around with services, and then they ran into problems.
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