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Default Re: Games that require a GTX295 to run at 1920x1200 4xAA

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
no it doesn't, 295 actually will hurt GTA 4. GTA 4 needs massive ammount of video memory something that 295 lacks. 295 might be advertised as 1792MB card. But it uses SLI technology meaning that each GPU only has 896MB of Video Memory to work with.

The 2GB GTX 285 (Single GPU) or 1792MB GTX 275 (Single GPU) is much better card for GTA 4
Can't believe I'm agreeing w/ nekro lately, but he's right.

The 896MB of VRAM is definitely something to think about w/ the 295, but I see that you're on a P35 and don't have a lot of options available to you (standard SLI w/ more than 896MB of VRAM per GPU would be optimal.)

And a single 295 isn't enough to run Crysis w/ 4xAA unless you turn a lot of the settings down. Hell, 2 isn't. There isn't a card or set of cards on the market strong enough to run Crysis w/ 4xAA and maxed settings. Some of that is probably due to the advanced graphics and some due to shoddy coding, because I think both Clear Sky and Ghostbusters look better (some may disagree w/ that, but I do) and both run better at maxed/near max settings.

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