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Default Re: Games that require a GTX295 to run at 1920x1200 4xAA

I finally decided to upgrade a pair of 88oo gtx cards I've had for a while and got 2 275 gtx sc cards and I must say I am not very impressed. After reading this post, I feel I should have gotten the 1792mb instead of 896mb. While Crysis and Clear Sky have improved two fold, GTA 4 has not, and that was the main game I wanted to improve performance on.

Also, after installing the new cards I noticed right away that the overall video quality was a lot better on the 88oogtx's. I find myself tinkering with the contrast, gamma, etc. and I still cant get images to look as full and crisp as the old cards. I am stumped at this one to be honest and very disappointed. Finally, I have to bitch about flashing shadows and lights in GTA4 with these cards. That is annoying.

I am curious, If I picked up a third card, a 1792mb version, would the tri-sli utilize 1792mb of video memory or 896 mb, like the other cards?
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