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Post Re: Fallout 3 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Yaboze View Post
I didn't really get what you were trying to say either, I'm sorry,

You were talking about crashing I think (that wasn't me, that was MaguS that said he fixed most of his crashing issues), then asking why PC players put up with it? Just not sure what the hell you were saying.

This game does have crash issues and as a PC gamer, I DEAL with it, because it's a good game. There is no patch today and I hope they release one soon.
Well crap... I'll try to explain then:

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Fixed most of my crashing issues, it was some ini tweaks I made. Still crash often but it isn't nearly as bad now.
The first night I installed this game... I ran into the stupid Memory Leaks it has with my driver set. I pushed forward with the retarded frame rate issues anyways for about an hour just to see what the world had to offer/look like compared to ESIII/IV.

Past that though, I haven't done anything with it short of try ALL four patches to no avail with 10-15 mins of testing/ea.

(That ^ explains why I don't understand people who have issues like crashing, save games being lost randomly, misc bugs that make the game more frustrating than fun/etc/etc can continue to play through 'said issues' because I myself was halted from the get go, i.e. - the day I installed the game, I learned that it wasn't going to run properly, and ater patching it with 'all' 4 of the current patches, 'nothing' changed, my ridiculous Memory Leak issues which cause Framerate hell after a few minutes of play continued to occur.)

I don't understand how SO many people have continued to play a game that "crashes often" and/or has other serious problems.

(The framerate issues I encounter because I'm on the 169.21 driver set make the game unbearable to play, and I don't understand how others can force themselves to play through issues like crashes/etc... because I cannot no matter how "fun or cool" a game may be.) Fyi, FO3 has never crashed on me a single time.... everything runs fine (well, except for the movement bug which still hasn't been fixed in the latest patch) except for the horrible Memory Leaking that happens because of the drivers I use.

I'd expect so much from console sheep, but not from PC Gamers!

(i.e., Console games for the most part suffer from sporadic and poor framerates, god knows how many misc bugs, graphical issues like no AA and no VSync, and generally poor performance, hence my opinion that I would expect Console gamers to play through such problems, but not from a PC Gamer who has come to expect nothing but the best.)

I sincerely hope that clears up any confusion... I thought I was clear enough, but apparently I wasn't... Apologies
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