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Default Re: Fallout 3 Feedback Thread

I understood the first part, memory leaks and frame rate issues, you didn't say how bad it was, but I am guessing it's not playable. You didn't say what else you did except for patch the game, which really only fixes game functions, for the most part.

The part that confused me, was only the last part.

The 169.21 set is old, you might want to try the 182.* sets.

The game was unstable as soon as I started adding the downloadable content.

My issues with the game are far and few between. I crash once and a while, but it is annoying.

My friend plays on a system lesser than yours, an AMD 64 2.4 single core, 9600GT, XP SP3 and 2GB and it runs well for him. Not sure what's wrong on your end.
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