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Default Re: Fallout 3 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Yaboze View Post
I understood the first part, memory leaks and frame rate issues, you didn't say how bad it was, but I am guessing it's not playable. You didn't say what else you did except for patch the game, which really only fixes game functions, for the most part.

The part that confused me, was only the last part.

The 169.21 set is old, you might want to try the 182.* sets.

The game was unstable as soon as I started adding the downloadable content.

My issues with the game are far and few between. I crash once and a while, but it is annoying.

My friend plays on a system lesser than yours, an AMD 64 2.4 single core, 9600GT, XP SP3 and 2GB and it runs well for him. Not sure what's wrong on your end.
Glad I could clear it up for you. Yeah, it's unplayable because the game was never tested on any NVidia Drivers previous to the series... and since I'm on the 169.21, that completely leaves me out in the dark. Something to do with the way FO3 uses the drivers I'm on causes Memory instability... I'm not exactly sure what's happening, but I know (from doing tests) that the longer I stay in FO3 and the more times the framerate dies, the more Memory my system allocates to the FO3.exe over time. Bethesda confirmed that I need a current series in order to play the game correctly.

It doesn't make any sense to me because Oblivion runs fine, and imo: FO3 doesn't look that different... I blame Bethesda for not spending enough money on BETA Testing in general... but they're not the only Developer who lacks in that department these days.

I can't move up until I know I'm going to have stable performance... I have 280 games which 99% work flawlessly on the 169.21s... I can't upgrade and possibly lose functionality with hundreds or more working games just to make one game work, so I'm being patient until I'm ready to do an upgrade. I'm in no hurry to play FO3... they've still got the "movement bug" to fix, GOTE needs to come out/be out for a good 6 months before I buy it (Ebay for $30, not a penny more), and I need to wait until some super kicka** driver comes out.

If worse comes to worse; I'll simply build a new machine.... I'm itching to try out W7 next Summer after it's been fixed up a bit. Maybe I'll simply scrap the idea of trying to get FO3 to work on my current build.... it'd suck though because I want my entire collection on one build.

"The game was unstable as soon as I started adding the downloadable content.

My issues with the game are far and few between. I crash once and a while, but it is annoying."

Sorry to hear that.... have you experienced this "movement bug" I speak of? (when one releases any movement key [strafe left/right/forward/back], the player 50-60% of the time still takes an extra step)

XP 32 w/SP2
Intel Q6600 2.4 (stock speed)
XFX 8800 GT Alpha Dog Edition w/512 (stock speed running on 169.21s)
Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio
2 GBs DDR 2 [800] RAM

280 Legit Games installed

(2) 500 GB drives
(1) 80 GB drive (houses the OS only)
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