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Default Suggestions for image quality problem

I just recently bought a pair of 275 GTX's to replace my pair of 8800GTX's and I am disappointed in a few things that are making me regret my recent "upgrade'.

The overall image quality is poor. I noticed it the first time I booted up to the desktop. FYI, I run everything in 1920x1200. I uninstalled the old drivers before installing new ones, still the image quality is bad. So I decided to unistall and reinstall the drivers again. After I uninstalled the drivers and rebooted to the desktop, without installing the new nvidia drivers, I noticed the image quality was perfect again. I figured everthing was fine now and proceeded to install the new drivers again. After rebooting to desktop, once again image quality back to crud.

Now what I mean by poor image quality is images (photos, text, menus) appear to 'bleed' into one another. In lines of text where two letters next to eachother get close at some point, it looks like they are actually blending in together. I adjusted the contrast, gamma, brightness to correct the text, but I have to turn them high and it ruins images even more, but the text looks great. With photos and images in general, the outlines just are not distinct and crisp. Some images look like they glow while some images look like they have shadows.

Sorry this is hard to explain. I'll put it this way, I feel like my resolution is interlaced, not progressive, ya know, like I just downgraded a 1080p tv into a 1080i tv. If I have time later I'll try to take some screenshots and zoom in on the outline of an image, maybe a desktop icon or something.

Another issue I am having is flashing lights and shadows in GTAIV. While I have not done any research on this problem yet, it is very upsetting, lol.

I used to benchmark with 3dMark06, so I figured I would compare my 8800GTX SLi score with my 275 GTX SLi score and to my surprise they are both about the same. So I decided to turn off SLi and run 3DMark06 again and the score was about the same. WTF?

The only benefit I am getting from these cards is WAY better FPS performance in Crysis and Clear Sky. But to be honest this whole overall image quality issue is enough to make me want to throw my 8800's back in. I don't get it. It's like having the Nvidia drivers installed is causing the problem since everything looks better when they are not installed, but how does that explain why the 8800's look better while the drivers are installed?

I must admit I have been out of the whole pc building/overclocking/benchmarking scene for over a year, so I'm not exactly up to date with everything, so don't consider me to be an idiot unless I give permission, lol. Any help is appreciated, I am clueless at this point.
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