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Question Fallout Trilogy - question about Censorship...

I recently purchased this version... and am going to install it tonight and check out part 1.

I was reading this page for part 2 and came across this:

"International Versions and Censorship
Some non-US versions of the game were censored due to local regulations on violence or the portrayal of children in computer games. In particular, the UK and German versions both had children removed from the game and had some violence options disabled. This affected the gameplay for certain missions in game. This was particularly noticeable in Modoc where the mission to rescue Jonny from the wishing well was crippled. Since the original release of the game, fan made patches have made it possible for owners of European versions of the game to play the game as originally intended. Despite these patches being available, the US version is arguably more desirable for collectors."

Does anyone know if I bought some censored version (if so I assume I need to look up some patches then, don't think I saw any on Filefront) or am I good to go?

I've bought plenty of repackaged/old games but this is the first one I've aquired on this 'White Label'.

Thanks to anyone who knows!


Looks like I have the UK version... great.. I hope it's not censored.

Damn, "I got the same thing in the GSP White Label deal.

Kinda mad it was the UK version. but thanks to NMA I was able to fix it right up.


Now on to find this fix from this NMA site I guess.... sh*te!

If anyone else accidentally bought the UK version: I hope this helps.
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