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Default Re: Doom 4 30FPS cap (?)

Originally Posted by Protoplasym View Post
A. Paybacks are a biatch... that's what you get for killing us 50 pingers with your 300 ping!! muhahaha Seriously though: practice makes perfect, lol.

B. I was basically curious if Valve made as 'cool' a maps for HL2DM as they did for part 1. The gravity gun sounds fun n all, but I'd probably go for servers where it's use was severely limited... sounds like it could easily get out hand, lol.
Ah, yeah I dont remember any specific details on the maps in HL2DM, its either because there isnt anything that stands out, or I simply didnt play it long enough, I know it is definently capable of all the HL1 maps and more, but definently nothing as epic as the nuke map.

C. Damn, being able to kill NPCs, that sounds wild... my EQ2 buddy put in a lot of time on the first one, I'm gonna have to ask him about that. Ultimately, freedom is what I think we should be getting in 'all' of our games... from FP/3P Shooters to RPGs to our Hack n Slashes, everything...

We need wide open worlds to discover at our own paces, things to accomplish, people to meet and places to see... I love a solid Linear Railride as much as the next guy, but Sandbox needs to be the way of the future for gaming imo. It takes a LOT of effort to pull that off properly though.
I agree, though the nature of MMOs suggest they should be sandbox driven by default. unfortunatly MMO devs focus too much on the end game(crap for max level players to do), and the most common thing I see is people just rushing to get there so they can raid, and of course, morons paying real cash for leveling services(Dont hate on me, I have friends who have done it too, its just stupid to pay cash to get someone else to play the game for you, defeats the purpose of gaming).

Morrowind with the MGE (long distance viewing mod) has been 'the' most remarkable in this sense that I've ever played. Keep in mind (lol), I'm late to the game... I only acquired this machine in Jan'08 along with the fact that I hadn't played 95% of these games before.

So you can see my amazement only finding something like ESIII/IV in 2008 when everyone else saw them years ago. Literally, I've probably put 40+ hours in ESIII and I haven't even put a dent in the main quest.... so a Sandbox game like that simple gives me a world to live in and fantasize to in the most fullfilling ways possible. I wish I could start Fallout 3 but the damn thing doesn't like the 169.21s I'm on. That world looks amazing.
Games like Morrowind is an exception to the rule, Morrowind is a great sandbox, truely you can do what you want, kill who you want, steal anything you want etc its what MMOs should strive to be like(Maybe with Oblivions combat though).
I have actually seen a speedrun of Morrowind where they "complete" the game within 12 minutes or something insane like that, of course they do use glitches to obtain it, skipping 99% of the main quest, but youd never be able to obtain that in a linear railride.
Oblivion plays better overall, but its interface suffers from consolitise(yes I like saying that :P ), just a bit clunky and obviously not designed with a mouse in mind(plus everything is huge, luckily theres alot of user mods to make the interface smaller).

D. Well, you pretty much summed up the similarities! I didn't know they'd stolen soooo much from System Shock: that was interesting to learn. Damn, I really wanna play SS2 someday... it looks so well rounded and like a solid adventure. Thanks for taking the time to explain those game mechanics to me! Maaaaan, I wish Bioshock had an inventory..... SS2 really looks neato now!
Yeah, though I wouldnt say they stole it from SS2, the head devs on Bioshock were the original devs of SS2 before the company shut down, and Bioshock was considered a "spiritual successor" to SS2, but I still miss the SS2 theme and gameplay.

E. Wow, no kidding? I wonder if you could play Thief 2 on your system as well..... christ, I can't believe there's something a Vista user got working on their build that I couldn't... That's an ultimate fail for me. Do you have to do anything special or simply use the 'affinity fix' everytime you load it up?
I had some way to perminently apply the affinity fix so I didnt have to keep doing it, though before I found it I did have to do it manually, ah, here it is, I have a batch file that I run instead of the main games .exe, all it contains is:
start/affinity 1 shock2.exe
That essentially forces the affinity and then launches it, and thats pretty much all I needed, though I did have the official patch that included MP, not sure if it made any difference on whether I could run it or not, the same thing could be done for Thief 2 if the only problem is it not liking more then 1 core

yeah I know, I've enjoyed it though, thks for entertainin the convo
Its always fun to discuss things you love
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