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Default Re: Aion(EU/NA) beta starts June 5

I thought it was lots of fun.
Yes it the same old quests like in wow or any other mmo on earth, but its the first asien style mmo that is quest driven and that is ALOT.
I love the asien style and graphics but every mmo from there was grind on the same mob for hours then go to ther next lvl mob and do the same thing again.

This at least has lots of quests and fast lvling or what we EU/US players call normal lvling

And the flying and flying combat is a nice touch which makes the whole game unique. It adds another dimension into the game while you are pve or pvping (or pvpve ).

I already preordered it.

And there are cutscene which drive forward the story in the game which is nice if you dont want to read the wall of text in the quests

if you love the asien style but cant stand the grind in those mmos then this is the mmo for you.
They took the best things from the western market mmos and mixed it with the best things from eastern market mmos and added their own touch to it and created Aion

Yeah and it will be very polished when its released more than any other mmo because we are getting the patched version from asia where they have been playing since november 2008
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