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Thanks for the help, folks. I finally got this driver installed, and I even figured out how to get into the XF86Config window- for anyone who wants to know, check out this link for instructions on how to use the "vi" editor:

I eventually figured out that one must use a space after the "cd" command...hehe (big fat smile). One last thing: I don't hate FAQ's or man pages; in fact, I depend on them to get me through whatever it is that I'm doing. By tutorials, I meant systematic lessons that are not immediately relevant to the task at hand. After 25+ years of schooling and training, I have developed an almost allergic reaction to such didactics. However, I did get a copy of the RH 9.0 "bible," and I'm betting that I might even open it....Anyway, thanks again, everyone, and I'm sure you'll see me back in the not too distant future. Oh yeah: can RH 9.0 recognize my GeForce 3 card as a Ti200 and not just "generic?"
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