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Default Re: Just a thought on the state of pc gaming

Originally Posted by Dreamweavernoob View Post
Jussayin, but kazaa hasnt been used for yyyyyyyyyyyyears .

I buy what I can afford. I NEVER purchase a game from the shops now til I have downloaded it.

I am sick and tired of the hostility towards pc gamers. You can return a console game but not a PC game. If something goes wrong the attitude is basically one of **** off.

This goes for films but with a different argument.I brought a film once which I found very offensive in its view on things that I hold sacrasant. I was pissed of that I had financed some little ****'s point of view.

Inded I download a film now, and if I like it, then I will buy it on its first reduction.

The worthy ones get my money.
Dude that's what I mean! And that's the perfect idea, I'm going to download then buy too man, ur a geniuso. And yeah, I forgot to mention, no can return a game, so yeah, ur F*KED

and listen, that's what I meant, kazaa SUCKED the entire time it lived on the drives of little girls yearning for their sweet tranny hanson earporn (which I liked cuz I'm queer eyed but a straight guy!)
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