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Default Re: Just a thought on the state of pc gaming

I don't believe that, piracy has been around longer than DRM. The developers have made things worse with DRM and limited installs, but it's not the developers as a whole, they are trying to make a living.

I remember in the 80's, games were around the same price, $30-50 bucks, average price was 39.95. I know this because I worked in a store when I was younger.

Games these days, 25 years later, cost millions to develop and are around $40-60.

Machines are much more complex and it's hard to code for every single hardware configuration, that's why there are QC problems. Most of the time, it's the users fault, a outdated driver, overclocking, malware, virus, HW conflict, etc. The average joe who meets a games requirements usually doesn't have issues.

I hate DRM just as much as anyone but it's pirates and torrent freaks that are making developers scramble for new ways to protect their work.

My thing is, I download the demo. No demo, no chance of buying unless it's a no brainer, like Diablo III. The same goes for MMO's, PC's, consoles. If I like the game a lot, I will get it, if I feel I can hold off for when it's on sale, I'll wait. It's that simple.
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