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Default Re: Just a thought on the state of pc gaming

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I don't believe that, piracy has been around longer than DRM. The developers have made things worse with DRM and limited installs, but it's not the developers as a whole, they are trying to make a living.

I remember in the 80's, games were around the same price, $30-50 bucks, average price was 39.95. I know this because I worked in a store when I was younger.

Games these days, 25 years later, cost millions to develop and are around $40-60.

Machines are much more complex and it's hard to code for every single hardware configuration, that's why there are QC problems. Most of the time, it's the users fault, a outdated driver, overclocking, malware, virus, HW conflict, etc. The average joe who meets a games requirements usually doesn't have issues.

I hate DRM just as much as anyone but it's pirates and torrent freaks that are making developers scramble for new ways to protect their work.

My thing is, I download the demo. No demo, no chance of buying unless it's a no brainer, like Diablo III. The same goes for MMO's, PC's, consoles. If I like the game a lot, I will get it, if I feel I can hold off for when it's on sale, I'll wait. It's that simple.
yeah but the fact that our systems are more complex isn't a reflection on us, the helpless consumer! we buy our systems, being told that they can play all the latest games. we buy the games which promise to run like butter, or at least WORK on our brand new spanking, EXPENSIVE ASS computers, and then we're met with hoop after hoop that we have to jump through to get a working product! in no other sector is that true, and it is definetely not a practice that we ascribe will EVER ascribe to products that we spend our hard earned on! why should we demand anything less than what is promised us on the label?
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