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Default Re: Just a thought on the state of pc gaming

I am not a software developer but pirating software is something I do not condone, for any reason.

This thread hints that, well more than hints that, there can be a legitimate reason to steal software. Apply the same mindset to stealing anything else besides intellectual property, which happens to be easy to steal these days. You will probably wound up dead or behind bars if you do. You cannot just grab purses as the invisible man - you will get seen and caught, or shot, because you are not invisable.

So, why does software look like something you can just steal? Soft target?

Doesn't matter. If it's for sale and you get it without paying for it or it being gifted to you, you stole it. Not that this is the argument in this thread. The argument is, or maybe the declaration of the OP is, it is justifyable to steal.

Dunno. Not what I was taught.
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