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Default Re: Just a thought on the state of pc gaming

I feel like the problem is the lack of AAA title makers. I've always been willing to spend 50$ on iD, valve, and Blizzard. But so many developers release unfinished games and the whole industry really does suffer from it.

Oblivion, I think, is the perfect example of this. People expected that game to be so much better than it was, and spending fifty dollars on it was just such a disappointment. The game was moderately boring and had stupid bugs. There were some enjoyable quests, but the main story blew. There wasn't any diversity in the environments. The game just didn't seem like a finished game, the AI wasn't what it was supposed to be, etc and this is coming from a big developer that has made tons of money on the Elder Scrolls series.

That being said, I think valve is really going to save the industry. Steam prevents piracy, and the weekend sales really give you chance to play games for a good percentage off their original price. I've bought several titles through this, just because when they're on sale and available at my fingertips its so easy to make the purchase. That and the quality of the titles valve creates have created an amazing gaming eco system that more developers should follow.
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