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Default Re: Just a thought on the state of pc gaming

Hey this to the post 2 back. About the thread espousing the moral merit of piracy.

no no no. the point isn't at all that its legal or even ok. i think that its very disruptive to the notion that pc gaming will be anything more than a sidenote in coming generations. sorry if I gave that impression.

it was more that the contrast between what I could accept as a pirate and what I could accept as a paying customer made me realize that one of the reasons that PC gaming is at such a loss, is that even after the piracy issue is solved, you're still left with an inferior platform, once you get past control issues (some games, for instance I believe will be a big draw for PC's because it just makes sense, MMO's are a typical target for this consumption), you are beginning to have few convincing compulsions for the PC platform. I'm a huge PC gamer, and I'd like to see it pick up on high-end exclusives. I think that piracy is a deterrent, but even without that, I don't think customers would go for PC's in as great a way as with consoles, and that a large part of that issue is the QC control of PC releases. There are a surprising number of oddities on the PC version of console ports or cross-platform titles, which seem to be the majority and will stay that way (if the proportion doesn't increase to the side of console-also releases).

edit: Heck even PC exclusives or, PC-developed games have issues. Fallout 3 was def. targeted at PC consumers, but had and STILL to this day has MASSIVE game ending issues. like the never ending crashes; sound issues are also bad.

Gears of War PC is another great example. Even SAVING the game is a pain in the ass, without having to use a very poorly integrated version of Xbox Live.
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