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Default Re: id software bought by Zenimax

Originally Posted by Lfctony View Post
I don't really id is all that great at this point. Sure, their engines are kind of nice, but I don't think they can deliver "games"... I'd say their efforts are average at best, IMO. Also to me it seemed that their latest engine lacked versatility. Take a look at Doom 3/Q4/Prey/Quake Wars... Almost identical. It was like being in a Doom 3 mod... Hopefully some developers will buy a license and modify the hell out of it like they did with the Tech 3 engine...
You do remember that Doom3 was originally meant for geforce1-4..
Those games used pretty much same shader (meaning a single shader), except for the quake wars which had some new tweaks.

Now that they have flexibility of SM3, the art design is the limiting factor and seems like they really have got some good people that at the moment.
It is very interesting to see what they will do with idtech5 as it has some very nice ideas.

Idtech6 is if I remember correctly still without any actual work, remember Carmack saying that he would go to the tech trip after summer.
Personally I would love them to use something like Giga Voxels which make prefiltering of geometry possible. (easy and fast anti-aliasing and other benefits, the Jon Olicks demo had only on/off voxels.)
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