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Default Re: Is there a way to monitor whether a user copied a certain file?

Originally Posted by hokeyplyr48 View Post
I have alot of important financial files that need to be kept track of and another user is going to be working on my network. They will be reading and writing to these files but I want to know if there is a way to monitor whether the user copies the files so that I can be made aware. Is there anything that can do this?

I've done research and there are programs that will notify you if a user accesses/modifies/deletes the files but theres nothing that explicitly states copies because the users are going to be working on the files so those options really aren't going to help.

any ideas/thoughts?
First, copying a file (i.e.) will update the file access date time. Second, you should setup the appropriate ACLs (Access control list) on the files/directories and activate the windows audit logs (Local policies), instead of passively monitoring who dun what.

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