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Unhappy :( 295 GTX problem

I bought a Galaxy 295 GTX a few months back.

I have paired it up with a 850 Antec PSU.

My CPU is 1 Q9650@3.8Ghz with a Asus Formula Maximus SE motherboard. All in a Silverstone TJ-10 case (and all open)

Recently when I game...and I only game Age of Conan. My monitor blanks out even though, HDD lights are flashing etc indicating the computer is working.

However, I have checked at the back of the case and I saw a red led light up. After searching through the internet, I read that it might be PSU issues, so I have ensured that the two connectors connecting to the 295 GTX were from separate lines from the PSU to deliver enough juice but, I still have the blanking out and red led lighting up when playing Age of Conan.

Now, I don't think it is a PSU issue as it seems my 295 GTX is escalating to 110 degrees celcius with fan at 100%!!! This is with the case open...and I am even underclocking the card by almost 150 mhz in all departments and the temperature is still above 110 degrees. Cleaned it out as much as I can with brush. Air con cooled environment and still nothing and the monitor just blanks out with red led lighting up at the back of the 295 GTX?

Is the temperature rising to 110 degrees and above responsible for the blank outs? If it is....anything I can do? I invested a lot of money into this card and I would like to use it as intended...for gaming without any issues?

Can anyone please offer me any advise what to do as I am at my wits end. Thank you in advance
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