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Default Re: Who's going to get suckered into the hype this time?

Originally Posted by rudedog View Post
LOL not me.

Other then Valve (and they support DX9 just fine) what developer has shown any respect to the PC customer these past 12-15 months? Hell the best selling game out their right now (Call of Duty - Modern Warfare and World at War) are still DX9 games and took great! Crysis was a DX10 joke, even MS's own Flight simulator which was suppose to be a DX10 only game shipped with DX9 and later added a half assed attempt at DX10.

There is no reason to keep buying PC hardware when the only reason, in the past, was to play the latest and greatest PC games at full res with all the visuals turned up.

Now that PC games are a second thought in the devs minds, there is no reason to upgrade which saves me a ton of money in the long run.

Sorry to all the PC hardware companies that are going to take a big hit this year, you can thank Microsoft for supporting their PC gaming platform.
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