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Default Re: Just a thought on the state of pc gaming

Originally Posted by jAkUp View Post
PC Gaming is a lot better now then it was a few years ago. A few years ago a fighting game on PC was unheard of, now Street Fighter 4 is coming to PC.

Another Monkey Island game? A few years back, no way. Now here we are another Monkey Island game coming.

Nice performers like Bionic Commando and Trine bring back some old school feeling to the PC.

Personally I think console ports are better now than in the past (although still a lot of room for improvements)

This year I saw so many games that were great because they were different! Zeno Clash, Mirrors Edge, Ghostbusters, L4D with survival patch, Trine, ArmA2, WiC Expansion, Riddic.k, all fantastic games!
agreed, great post!

Originally Posted by rudedog View Post
BREAKING (sorry but it's a Digg thing.....)

Just received a schedule invite to a Microsoft Games for Windows MVP meeting with the Games for Windows team (TBH didnt think there was anyone left)

It's mid July and there will be a QA, can't wait to see what MS has to say about their long but forgotten platform.

Will keep everyone posted, unless there is a NDA. This is more of a meet and greet with some basic info, including the QA I mentioned above.

I'm blown away that there is even a meeting, but I've been hounding my Program Manager about the lack of any GFW news, PR or blog posts from MS.
keep us informed!

Originally Posted by rudedog View Post
Has anyone ever actually looked at the credits to these games? I've never seen so many sr. producers, assistant producers, managing producers, assistant managing get the point.

Then there is the assets these devs go out and get. Think real world FPS games like CoD and MoH. How many times does Activision and EA have to go out and rerecord the same sounds for the same type of firearms over and over again. They also have to redo the same AR15 model over and over again .

Lets not mention the on location visits (an excuse to see a far away land they've never been too).

These game should not cost Millions of dollars especially when licensing a game engine from say Crytek, id or Epic.

We've all heard the back door stories of how a group of producers did not have a clue and did nothing for said game, yet there are pages and pages of credits.

How about you manage the game better remove all the producers and hire more talented engineers and coders to actually code the game properly while reducing the overall cost. While at the same time pushing a product out the door that actualy works on day one without a zero day patch.
agreed, another great post. Some much wasted money and time.
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