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Default Geforce 8200 users, I need your help with finding usb hanging issue


I have problem with hanging usb 1.1 on ASRock K10N78FullHD-hSLI R3.0 mainboard.
I would like to learn if this is multicore CPU issue, bug in Geforce8200 chipset, Linux ohci driver or bios bug.
If you use Linux on Geforce 8200 mainboard please answer these questions:
1. Do you have problems with hanging usb 1.1 devices (adsl modems, older hard disks or pendrives, irda dongles).
2. Do you use more than 1 core CPU (Athlon X2, Phenom 9550 other ...)
3. What mainboard do you use (manufacturer, model, bios version)

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