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Default Re: Yorkfield & Wolfdale Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
It overclocks so easily I kept thinking something had to be wrong.

Experience has been the same on multiple intel chipsets for me now, with this proc and with E8400s, so I'm pretty much an intel chipset fanboi now.
Yea,i'm going that route the next time by the looks of it.I have used nvidia chipsets since the first nForce/amd platform,it was better than the via chipsets i had used previously .Most of the unique features introduced at the switch to intel-cpus never worked properly if at all and most were removed from bios and/or chipsetdrivers.Every nforce board ive had for intel cpus has been problematic in one way or another,this latest one however has been problemfree if not pushed too hard.
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