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Default Re: Pure video = VDPAU ?

Originally Posted by castor View Post

Time for a reality check?
A great majority of the customer base uses Windows
=> Feature set provided by the Windows driver is a greater priority than that of the Linux driver
=> Windows driver development gets more resources
=> Windows driver gets more features and gets them more quickly

True in 100MB driver. Now on Linux 15MB driver we have:
-very good 2D acceleration (there are some things not accelerated yet like GradientFill but windows driver misses this also).
-very good video acceleration. VDPAU rulez (I still miss deinterlacing and deblocking/deringing but I hope it will appear later)
-very good 3D.
-good other features (temperature meter, powermizer, small and comfortable control panel, i2c, DDC, acpi etc... however I miss bugless MSI IRQs)
Nvidia is focused on Linux in providing only really useful features. Maybe this is thanks to small Human Resources allocated to Linux driver and smart Linux Driver team at Nvidia.

In ancient times Windows 95 installation had 30 MB on HDD. Today packed Windows driver for Geforces has 100MB size. During WinXP startup some parts of Nvidia driver bloatware is loading even if I disable everything. On Linux only driver is loaded. I can run control panel when I want.

I migrated to Linux because Windows platform with every new release is less usable. Every driver setup pushes tons of bloatware to startup making Windows loading forever. System is overloaded later with other crap from other applications' setups. Linux is light, clean and fast.

I'm happy that on Linux I do not see cheap and low quality winmodems, GPU drivers which really use software than hardware just to meet marketing requirements. On Linux I get what hardware really provides. And this is cool for me.
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