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Default Re: Microsoft Outlines Windows 7 Pricing, Upgrade Options

Microsoft can kiss my ass. I stupidly bought Vista Ultimate (waste of money). I'd upgrade to 7 ultimate IF the upgrade was available as part of the half-off pre-order program, but it's not. I suppose I could settle for 7 professional for $99, the only problem is, since have Vista Ultimate installed, I'd have to wipe my vista install and start over to "upgrade" from Vista Ultimate to 7 Pro (and lose access to features I paid for in Vista Ultimate in the process). **** 'em, that's too much work for what amounts to an expensive service pack with a tweaked GUI (and it's only tweaked so MS can say "hey, it's really not Vista, we promise. See, it looks different!"). From the bit I've played around with the RC, I don't see anything that compelling, some mouse gestures and a new taskbar... yay. Oh, and some kernel improvements (like reduced memory usage) that really should be put into Vista as a service pack, but hey, it's microsoft, you have to pay for anything that's much more than a security fix.

Microsoft is basically giving anyone who bought Vista the finger (esp Ultimate users), basically saying "hey, thanks for paying to let us experiment on you, now **** you very much, but you would have been much better off, and saved a lot of money, if you'd stuck with XP. Have a nice day!"

MS is making a PR nightmare for itself when Apple OS upgrades are $29, with 5 licenses for $50. If only Apple would clean up their act a bit and open their platform more (so the system could get cheaper), I think a lot of MS users would start switching in droves.
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