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Default Re: Geforce 8200 users, I need your help with finding usb hanging issue

Originally Posted by zkmyth View Post
Since USB is your problem try and disable it in the bios.

Then see if your system is stable.

Eliminate the problems until you have stability, repeat with any device causing problems until you find stability then add things back in 1 by 1 until if crashes.

The IRQ sharing problem common in those threads can apply to other devices as well, use the ideas in the threads to solve your problem.

The 8200/8300 chipsets don't seem to like irq sharing on the PCI-E bus with current kernels/drivers.
USB 1.1 does not crash if it is enabled.
USB 1.1 does not crash if it is used by really slow devices like usb keyboard or usb mouse or if I use my adsl modem only for pinging hosts.
USB 1.1 crashes with big transfers: usb hdd, pendrives, IRDA, ADSL modem or if I ultrafast wave mouse like crazy on desktop to artificially create big data transfer from mouse.
noapic or acpi=noirq kernel parameters workarounds the problem and except ftp and torrent downloads everything works.

I would like to find/make a fix because:
1. I do not like workarounds
2. ftp and torrent is useful sometimes.
3. WinXP SP3 has no problem so Linux has problem
That is why I try to collect info from other users to compare my system with theirs to lear what is different, what is better, what is worse.
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