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Default Re: Pure video = VDPAU ?

Originally Posted by ticket View Post
Well, I didn't mean to start a Windows vs Linux debate!
What debate? I don't see one.
Originally Posted by ticket View Post
It appears that a 6200 in Linux will not accelerate mp4 decoding, etc, and I was wondering why.
It's not Linux that's at fault. Your card will not do H.264 decoding in the GPU. If you won't believe me then go see it for yourself. Go download a 1080p trailer and run it on Windows. Watch your CPU usage hit 100% and the video stutter. I'm sure you'll blow that off as to not having the drivers installed correctly or some other unrelated nonsense just to prove your point.

Originally Posted by ticket View Post
I still don't have a good explanation.
Waiting for a nVidia representative to reply to your thread won't help you. They would be repeating what everyone has already stated.

Please stop believing the marketing language. You're so far hooked into it it's not funny.

This thread should never have even started.

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