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Default Re: Understanding CineFX - MUCH more than the R300

Originally posted by Uttar
However, the R300 is doing a lame attemp to fix the Vertex Shader problem: maximum 4 loops and each having a maximum 256 instructions.

nVidia way is better: maximum 256 loops and each having a maximum of 65536 instructions.

Erm... what?

The CineFX papers had a mistake claiming a maximum of 1024 static instructions for the NV3x vertex shaders. This has been corrected, and is now claimed to be 256 instructions for the NV3x VS.

Each loop having 65536 instructions? LOL, someone has been hitting the crack pipe pretty hard.

In case you were confused about the pixel shaders as well...

R300 = 255 loops * 255 instructions per loop + 1 last instruction = 65026 instructions total.
NV3x = 256 loops * 256 instructions per loop = 65536 instructions total.

The CineFX claims about the R300's swizzling, registers, flow control, and constants were innaccurate as well.

Methinks this thread title is quite humorous.
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