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Default Re: Starcraft II no lan?

Shoot themselves in the foot #1. As much as I want to have to login every time I play a game, not be able to play my game if their servers are down or unreachable, and have to install every patch when it comes out... Oh wait, I don't want to deal with that stuff.

Company of heroes pulled that stuff in one of their updates. I leave mine only patched 1.7 so I don't have to deal with the BS. One of the big things with Starcraft was the modding community, but mods are only made to work with certain game patches. So let's say they have a patch day before your lan party and you are forced to patch so you can login to the game. This new patch breaks the mod you were going to play. Oh well, guess you're not going to play it again until the developers fix the compatibility issue.
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