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Default Re: nForce 4 corrupting data written to HDD

Folks, I have a HP Pavilion a1610n ( ADM dual core, 4 gig RAM) with the nVidia Corporation C51 chip, running ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 with lots of file corruption problems (think its IDE/SATA controller). I am running the iomenu=soft and meme=1g switches from grub, still getting frequent file corruption. Every third boot, I need to run fsck on linux partitions, the files being corrupted are predictable (ie files: iso-8, gnom, multiple gnome-schema files, gnome win manager corruption). I initially just had 2 SATA drives, after reading multiple ubuntu posts went ahead and installed an IDE drive as boot disk, things got better (ie: Linux started). I started to install a second SATA controller card (VIA VT6421A), I see the migrated second SATA drive, but boot-up only recognized the drives on C51 chip (1-IDE, 1-SATA). In addition, the rev on the C51 chip appears very low (IDE & SATA - rev a1; USB Controller Rev a3 )??. I am not running raid, just simple ext3 file storage and two NTFS partitions. Under one syslog booting from the 19.24 kernel, it says I have a nForece2 chip

SO, I WANTED TO SEE IF THERE WAS A FIX TO THE C51 CHIP, MAYBE A FLASH OR UPDATE FIRMWARE. This is a key before moving ahead fully with VIA card. I am running the latest HP BIOS for the box under ubuntu 8.10, it did not help.

Any suggestions?? If it involves a patch to the kernel, pls give details instructions to follow (how apply tar/gz file) Would like to have XP patch also, have dual boot OS's here.

NOTE: I think the chip issues and heavy disk load factor was pointed out in the past by an IBM person perhaps on the KML link above ( but how to fix?).

Nvidia, I also have a Geforce 7600GT on this box with dual screen, I FELL THE PAIN on both sides here. I can not get the 180 for 185 video drivers working under Ubuntu, but the 177 drivers did work fine. Why you folks and ubuntu people cannot streamline these video install is beyond me; restricted drivers, tainted kernel, Xorg.conf conflicted settings...blaahh..blaahha. (who else is buying your high end video card, besides linux uses; Mac use have them already, MS users deaf and dump...maybe Xbox folks?). Look at this Ubuntu forum posting #7446864, its 90 pages long!
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