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Default Re: Is there any reason to buy Ultimate over Home Premium?

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan View Post
I was looking at the feature list of Home Premium, and unless I get a system with over 16GB of RAM, there's really no reason to buy it over home premium.

Is there any reason to get Ultimate?
I have been wondering the same thing, and so far I can't really comeup with a reason to go for Ultimate (or even Professional) over Home Premium.

The XP emulation in Pro/Ultimate is cool, but I really don't see myself ever using it. All of the apps I run work fine with Vista, so they will be fine with Win 7. The only thing that I liked was what nekro mentioned and that is the remote desktop software. But I really don't see myself using that either

I am probably going to go with Home Premium. I can't justify the extra $50 for Professional.
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