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Default Re: missing xf86config options?

Originally posted by alexzapatka
one of the things included with the windows driver for multi-monitor people is the ability to totally rotate a monitor... like 90, 180, and 270 degrees... and there dosent seem to be that ability in the nvidia driver...

here is the thing... i run 2 monitors... one at 1280x1024 and the other at 1024x768... under windows, i would just roate the second one, so i had an seemless screen that was all 1024 high... under linux i am cannot rotate and am forced to use the (ick) virtual desktop functions (which do work well, by the way, it is just an ugly soloution).

what i would love is somehting like
"Option" "MonitorRotation" "1" "270"

so i could keep using the twinview function of the nvidia driver, option tells X of an option, MonitorRotation is the option, 1 is the screen number (zero being the first) and 270 is the rotation amount (it could also be 0,1,2,3: 0 for no rotation, 1 for 90, 2 for 180... cause if someone only rotated 75 degrees, there wouldnt be much point, would there?

any idea's?
You'll need a fairly recent X server + support from the nvidia drivers.

XFree 4.3.x and higher have a RandR extension that will do what you want. However the nvidia drivers don't support the rotation yet.
(look for the xrandr command)
Here is the output on my machine with the current nvidia drivers:

SZ: Pixels Physical Refresh
*0 2560 x 1024 ( 625mm x 250mm ) *60
1 2048 x 768 ( 625mm x 250mm ) 84
2 1600 x 600 ( 625mm x 250mm ) 85
3 1280 x 480 ( 625mm x 250mm ) 85
4 1280 x 1024 ( 625mm x 250mm ) 60
5 1024 x 768 ( 625mm x 250mm ) 84
6 800 x 600 ( 625mm x 250mm ) 85
7 640 x 480 ( 625mm x 250mm ) 85
Current rotation - normal
Current reflection - none
Rotations possible - normal
Reflections possible - none

So I can change resolutions, but no rotations.
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