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Originally Posted by vampireuk View Post
Well I've been using Vista for about 3 hours now and I'm already sick of it, I'm trying to open a .avi file with media player classic. Link

With XP I would select browse, select the program and use it from then on to automatically open the file, but oh no, not with Vista. It won't open with the program whatsoever. Any idea of what voodoo magic I'm suppose to work with this pos?
If you dl'd with a standard codec pack such as CCCP or whatever, you should be perfectly fine. Right click on the file, open-with and select default file association if needed but typically going that route, and selecting MPC will allow you to open the file w/o issues.

I would recommend, as others have done, to dl a codec pack and work that. Also, try downloading VLC and running the file through there in the mean-time, while you resolve your codec issue. VLC should play the file without any issues in the interim.


What pross said essentially re: codecs.
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