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Default Re: Is there any reason to buy Ultimate over Home Premium?

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
XP mode is different then virtual PC

with XP mode, you can run programs in virtual XP mode inside windows 7, outside of virtual machine.
It's still inside a VM, but you can start it in a mode where all you see is the application window, not the XP desktop. You can run a full XP desktop as well, though, and the application you're running has to be installed through the XP VM, not through windows... at least, that's how I interpreted the article I read. I couldn't get Virtual XP mode running on my windows 7 RC install, which, is itself running inside a virtual box client, heh.

I keep going back and forth over whether I should buy it at all (vs Vista Ultimate)- it annoys me that I can't apply the pre-order deal to Ultimate- and I'm not forking over the $$ for the full price of ultimate upgrade, and to install the pro or home premium versions, I'd have to do a clean install of windows- and Vista is set up pretty well for me atm. If I do buy it, I'll buy pro, though, mostly because of virtual XP and the 16 gig limit on home premium.
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