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Default Re: Is there any reason to buy Ultimate over Home Premium?

Originally Posted by rhink View Post
It's still inside a VM, but you can start it in a mode where all you see is the application window, not the XP desktop. You can run a full XP desktop as well, though, and the application you're running has to be installed through the XP VM, not through windows... at least, that's how I interpreted the article I read. I couldn't get Virtual XP mode running on my windows 7 RC install, which, is itself running inside a virtual box client, heh.

I keep going back and forth over whether I should buy it at all (vs Vista Ultimate)- it annoys me that I can't apply the pre-order deal to Ultimate- and I'm not forking over the $$ for the full price of ultimate upgrade, and to install the pro or home premium versions, I'd have to do a clean install of windows- and Vista is set up pretty well for me atm. If I do buy it, I'll buy pro, though, mostly because of virtual XP and the 16 gig limit on home premium.
The 16GB limit is only for RAM right? **** I'll never have 16GB or RAM. I probably won't have more than 8 for many years.
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