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Default Re: Microsoft is offering Windows 7 at half off...but??

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
7231, based on 7229.

I do have a question about using a Windows 7 upgrade though...

It just occurred to me that I'm using Vista Ultimate... can I actually upgrade it to Windows 7 Home Premium? Or do upgrades only work for better editions, regardless of the version of Windows? In other words, do I need to get a Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade for Vista Ultimate or will any Windows 7 upgrade work?
upgrades only work for the same version.

hp to hp, b to p, u to u etc....

if you actually want to do actuall upgrade then you will need windows 7 ultimate.

if you buy windows 7 hp (for example), then you will need to do clean install, long process.

Install 7 hp with no key, after install key from upgrade version will not work, so then you have to start the setup again, and then do upgrade from win7 hp (key-less) to windows 7 hp.
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