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Default Re: The Official Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood thread!

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
around here, PC section in Best Buy is larger then each console section (not all console combined). PC section in Fry's is larger then all console sections combined. Gamestop/EB has no PC games.
My local Best Buy used to have a massive PC section like that... they just recently reduced its size (and expanded the console section to take up like half the store... much more than movie and music combined). Just another sign that PC games at retail are dying off... console games will do the same thing in a decade.

My local Gamestop has one tiny little shelf of PC games, as I said... there was one in Philadelphia that had a rather large PC games section though, surprisingly. I even asked the manager why she had 10 times as many PC games for sale as other Gamestops... she just shrugged and said corporate decides all of that.

Anyway, Call of Juarez... screenies look great! I wonder how the 360 version looks, as I'm in a console mood right now. Can't get either for a while anyway though, I just finall got Ghostbusters a couple days ago, which took all my cash for now.
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