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Default Re: The Official Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood thread!

For me the gameplay just feels poor, without the quality that decent game have.

After a few minutes from start of the game, I knew I won't it too much, but maybe its just me not liking these kind of games.

The visuals and effects just seem 'cheap', I don't know how else to describe it. The game somewhat reminded me of CoD5 which felt the same way. I think the engine was better used in CoD4 than CoD5.

And the game is very 'consolish'. It only starts with the crosshair, you can only shoot enemies when the crosshair turns red, it auto aims etc... do console players really like this? (Or is it because a restriction of controllers? I never used one).

I wonder how would if the game was coming only to PC, it could have been much more refined, being actually fun for me to play. Oh well.
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