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Default Re: Microsoft is offering Windows 7 at half off...but??

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
I don't really understand what you mean by that.

I already pre-ordered Windows 7 HP... can I actually use it or is it worthless to me if I'm using Vista Ultimate?

If I have to do a clean install that's ok, but if there's any chance it won't work, I'm going to cancel my preorder.
To do a clean install with an upgrade disc, boot, format, and install Windows like you normally would. When the installer asks for the CD key, leave the field blank. This will put Windows into "trial" mode. Once that gets installed, repeat the install procedure, this time entering the CD key. This basically tricks the installer into thinking that you're actually upgrading. It will move all existing data from the first install into a folder and create new directories and so forth. It'll basically be a clean install, it just takes longer and uses more drive space (which you can always free up once you're fully up and running).

I wish MS would have gone back to the old method of allowing full, clean installs from upgrade discs by allowing you to put in a previous full-version disc in the drive for verification.
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