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Default Re: The Official Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood thread!

Originally Posted by zerobeta View Post
And the game is very 'consolish'. It only starts with the crosshair, you can only shoot enemies when the crosshair turns red, it auto aims etc... do console players really like this? (Or is it because a restriction of controllers? I never used one).
Crosshairs changing color over an enemy is pretty common... I don't see the problem with that, really. It helps you know you have a distant shot lined-up, when it's hard to squint and see it.

As for auto-aim, the vast majority of console games now use it in such a subtle way you can't evn tell it's there. Most of them just slow the reticule a bit over an enemy, or track the enemy slightly after you line up a shot. The days of obvious "snap-to" aiming are mostly over, though a rare old-feeling game sometimes still uses it.

Also, it is optional for most games, and after years of dual-analog experience you won't really need aim-assist and can turn it off.
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