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Default Re: Splinter Cell Conviction Auto-Aims for you

Watching the video I can see it's definately optional... it's an ability you have when in shadow and hidden, but you can still free-fire. The thing that worries me is the game will be balanced, difficulty and time-wise, with the "win button" in mind.

Something else the video reminds me of that I don't like is the cluttered immersion-breaking effects. The mission goals and such are written on buildings and such, and now we see your "last seen location" as a ghost... all thay kind of stuff just tells me I'm playing a video game, when what I really want is to feel immersed and like I am not in a game. Hopefully those effects are optional as well.

All in all this game screams "simplified for the mass market," which is something pretty common now-a-days.
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