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Default Re: :( 295 GTX problem

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post
If it is bad contact. Then it possible to take the card apart. The GTX 295 is actually much easier to dissassemble then the 9800GX2. But it voids warranty. The problem is. Its not always easy to get better contact. And dual PCB cards can be difficult to put back together ((lack of hands)).

I might suggest putting a can of compressed in the fan blades and letting the tube slide deeper into the heatsink and try to blow anything that may or may not be blocking it. When it reaches it extremely high tempatures. Can you feel an incredible force of air coming out the heatsink thats exposed? ((should look like several grates)). If you're not feeling much air being released you may have a jam up in your ventilation system.

Oh and is your case closed?
I am not going to open the HSF etc up! I just don't have the testicular fortitude to do that!

My case is open though...has been since I have had these issues.

And, I do not feel much air being pumped out even at 100% fan compressed treatment may help me..and something I hadn't thought of!

So I will try your there might be clogged up stuff in the HSF as I have shetland sheepdog shedding 1 tonne of hair each day!

Will let you know if that worked when I get around to it!
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