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Default Re: Debian Woody and MX440

Originally posted by Johnnie154
I do not want to "taint" my system with a new kernel at the moment.

Bon journee
Listen up... debian woody does not provide a 2.4.18-bf2 headers and source to this exact kernel which came stock with "woody" (this is your problem), installing the nvidia driver does this "taint" thing, its not the building of the kernel that taints.

Only one other alternative I know of, do a "apt-cache search kernel" and find one without bf2 name then apt-get kernel-2.4.?? and the kernel-headers-2.4.?? and kernel-2.4.?? sources (to match newly installed kernel) then run your lilo or grub, reboot, then
make menuconfig,
make dep,
make bzimage real quick then run the nvidia script again. maybe this will do it for you and this way you will not have to build a new yourself manually.

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