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Default Re: I'm revisiting San Andreas

just like this account, i bought san andreas long ago but never really bothered to play it much til now

trying out several flavors
a few of OnePiece's HD cars
gta4 fonts
bit more clearer hud icons
detailed radar mod (i manually replaced each radar file in 143 seperate times lol) was worth it tho, looks very nice

but this one im having alot of issues with, best to install a seperate clean copy of sa and install the mod on it
issues im having are:
cannot mod any cars with roofs, fenders mufflers, wheels and paintjobs tho
certain missions cannot complete due to modded cars such as the caesar's lowrider and races (had to load a different copied sa folder with a different mod to get beyond that)
all in all, i'd suggest to stay away, but your choice really

i also found Demerest's Pillager mod where you can easily locate all of the spray, oyster horseshoes and pics locations in-game, but i already forgotten the place i got it from, googled the filename and single result is a gta mod site i never been to, so better virus scan this download

hell virus scan all my links

i tried the retextured road addon and hated it, had to nearly disable AA since everything looked so grainy, and eventually got fed up with the look and changed it back (i keep backups of the sa folder before each new mod addon)

same with things to do, game just doesnt load for me when i installed it
tried it with my 1.01 version, downgraded to 1.00 and upgraded to the hot coffee 2.0 patch, must be something to do with windows 7 or something, not entirely sure

only tools i used were txdworkshop and gtagarage mod manager, other tools either corrupted or just couldnt modify the img/txd files (yes i unchecked read only attribute for files/folder for my sa install)
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