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Default Windows 7 RC (7100) SLi Profile trouble

I just formatted fresh and moved from Vista 64bit to Windows 7 RC 64bit (7100).

I'm using display driver 186.18 Win 7 / Vista. I tried using the EVGA Enhancement Patch 13 but it didn't install any of the new profiles for some reason (Win 7 Unsupported?).

The problem is when I go to the Nvidia control panel --> Manage 3d Settings, if "Show only programs found on this computer" is checked it only lists Firefox, Iexplore, Windows Media Center, and Windows Media player. (if I uncheck it, none of the Enhancement patch 13 profiles are there). In Vista 64bit it showed all the games I had installed. (Could using steam be a problem with win 7 and SLi detectuin? ArmA 2 and Crysis warhead are both launched/purchased through steam)

Going to 3d settings and checking "Show SLi visual indicators" isn't working either, that or SLi isn't kicking in games. I've tried Crysis and Crysis Warhead, the Indicators didn't come on and they had the performance of a single GPU?

I tried using nHancer and actually got ArmA 2 to work by adding the arma2.exe to the Crysis profile and the SLi Visual indicators showed up when I checked the box for the specific profile for crysis in nHancer. I still can't get Crysis / Warhead to use SLi

OS: Windows 7 64bit (7100)
Video: 2x GTX 280's (186.18 Win 7 / Vista)
CPU: q9450
Ram: OCZ 4GB DDR3 1600
Sound: X-FI Fatality

If anyone can help, Thanks!
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