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Default Re: The Official Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood thread!

The auto aim on dual pistols was a obviously a technique they used because otherwise they would not be as useful as the single pistol with ironsights due to the accuracy. I think they perhaps could have done something else, like faster reload or dual crosshairs that you can use the mousewheel to move apart.

The engine is pretty good but I can't ignore the very aggressive LOD scaling esp on ground cover. The open missions show the good qualities of the chrome engine but I don't think it matches crysis although performance wise it's very friendly. It runs so well I'd love a simple scale command to increase the pop in of ground cover a notch, it doesn't have to be much really but at it's current level it's a bit too short.

The star is so damn tiny and it's required for those open missions. Honestly against the sandy landscape I lost it a few times. It's a real non issue for me. Auto healing was bound to happen, I think I've gotten use to it anyway for most games. It's not like this is a tactical or rpg like game where health packs add to the atmosphere.

I think it's a good game, onto my second open level where you get a few quest that you can choose to do or not. They are forumlaic and the duels at the end aren't quite as fun as before but it's still alright.
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