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Default Re: The Official Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood thread!

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
I honestly don't know what you are saying. But it still stands. Playing CoJ2 on PS3 >>>>>> ArmA2. You lose this debate.

And try to play through the game on Very Hard, then tell me you want those stupid flasks back from the first game. I don't see how this is somehow attributed to it also being on a console (hello there Call of Juarez 1 on the 360), more of it not being annoying. And in multiplayer regenerating health is awesome because you don't get screwed into basically getting 2 kills per life. If you play smart you can get into gun fights and still not die a single time.

But have fun "selling" (I read that as deleting your iso) your game. Maybe then you can stop coming in here whining about basic things games have.
For a fanatic it is clear that his opinion is what matters to win or lose the debate. Obviously not problem with the Autoaim, stars, auto healing it's an ideal game for you. Especially at a native 1080p display.

I'm still waiting as you talk about the PC version you have bought , in a PC forum .

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